JAMES VAC SOLUTIONS (JVS) was founded in 2021 to work alongside Pipe Pro Directional Drilling, as well as being available for independent hire with a highly qualified operator.

Vacuum excavation is a safer more environmentally friendly way of excavating. We use non destructive excavation using high pressure water rather than traditional methods – safer for the public, environment and the operator.

Ballarat Vacuum and Hydro Excavation by James Vac Solutions

How is Vacuum Excavation and Directional Drilling better for the Environment?

‘No-Dig’ or ‘Trenchless’ excavation gives company’s the ability to install underground infrastructure safely and without the need for excessive disruption to both the above and under ground environment.

Tradition digging using excavators requires open cutting roads, paddocks and nature strips to install pipelines or locate underground services. In a fraction of the time, a vacuum excavation unit uses high pressure water jetting to expose underground utilities without the danger of digging around live services with an excavator. All whilst doing so with a small pothole – minimal area to reinstate!

In a similar fashion, Directional Drilling can install kilometres of underground pipeline with only a small entry and exit hole. This reduces the need to dig up nature strips, roads and significant environmental and cultural sites.

In pairing Vacuum Excavation with Directional Drilling, we can continue to develop and connect houses and businesses to utilities in a safer manner with minimal disturbance to the environment.

With extensive experience in the industry, Jason, Dannielle and their skilled team at James Vac Solutions will provide professional hydro excavation services to meet all the needs of the client.