Hydro Excavation Services

Hydro excavation is a safe and non-destructive method of digging that is used to locate underground services. This is particularly useful in areas where assets are difficult to locate or in high volume where the risk of damage is increased. James Vac Solutions offered a state of the art, custom made 11,000 litre vacuum excavation truck to provide hydro excavation services to fit all our clients needs.

The advantages of hydro excavation over traditional methods such as excavators or jackhammers are:

  • Reduces the damage to existing underground assets such as power, water, gas and telecommunications
  • The depth and area of digging is more easily controlled
  • No digging or excavation permit is required
  • Can be done in a range of different ground surfaces
Ballarat vacuum hydro excavation by James Vac Solutions
Service Locating Underground Assets Ballarat

Locating Underground Assets

Our vacuum excavation truck can be hired hourly or daily with a high skilled operator and is available 24/7. Unlike traditional digging methods such as with buckets or hand digging, hydro vacuum excavation is much faster and more efficient taking minutes rather than hours to complete.

As we use high pressure water to dig, James Vac Solutions can safely and accurately locate all existing underground services before you start to dig. In conjunction with the use of valid Dial Before you Dig Plan you can minimize the risk of damage to yourself, your workers and to the existing underground assets

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